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199406, Санкт-Петербург, ул.Гаванская, д. 49, корп.2

ISSN 1999-6314

Российская поисковая система

Vol. 21, Art. 22 (pp. 246-270)    |    2020       

Perspective directions of pharmacological prevention and early therapy of radiation damage (review of foreign literature)
Federal State Unitary Enterprise Research & Production Center "Pharmaceutical Protection" of Federal Medical Biological Agency

Brief summary

Based on the analysis of literature data, foreign directions of the development of medicaments for the prevention and early treatment of radiation injuries are considered. The general characteristics of seven radio transmitters that have received status are given IND (investigational new drug - new drug) Food and Drug Administration of the USA: 5-androstenediol (Neumune?), beclomethasone (OrbeShield?), genistein (BIO 300?), granulocyte colony stimulating factor filgrastim (Neupogen?), kinase inhibitor ON01210 (Ex-RAD?), recombinant human interleukin-12 (HemaMax?), flagellin (Entolimod ?). Further experimental and clinical evaluation of their efficacy and safety, licensing as anti-radiation drugs, as well as the search for promising radiomitigators among radiation-induced apoptosis inhibitors and ligands for modulating intracellular signaling pathways determines the strategy for the development of pharmacological prophylaxis and early treatment of radiation injuries.

Key words

ionizing radiation, radiation injury, radiation countermeasures, radiomitigators.

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