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AllRussian Centre of Extreme and Radiation Medicine,
P.O. Box 1000, Netherlands-Antilles
Tel. O11 (599) 463604
E-mail: bonitenko@mail.ru

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a Research or Teaching position in fields of Toxicology, Pharmacology, Internal Medicine or neighbour areas, where my education, training, and proven ability can be fully applied.

  • Highly inquisitive, creative and resourceful.
  • Understanding with multidisciplinary sciences.
  • Good working knowledge of Internal Medicine, Clinical and Teoretical Toxicology and Pharmacology.
  • 15-years both experimental and clinical investigation experience.
  • Excited by the challenge of research and experimentation.
  • Strong background in statistical and mathematical techniques.
  • Experience with clinical data
  • Ability to convey knowledge to students and colleagues in clear way.
  • Ability to mentor and coach others in a positive manner
  • Excellent skills in communication and collaboration.
  • Ready to work individually as well as in a team, excellent interpersonal and problem-solving skills.
  • Willingness to work weekend overtime when scheduled, able to work in any environment.
  • Willing to relocate.

1995 - Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine. Internal Medicine and Clinical Toxicology. Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia. Dissertation: "Use of the actoprotectors in the complex treatment of acute exogenous poisonings with malathion, dichlorathan and ethylene glycol"

1993-1996 - Investigator Physician. Postgraduate Study. Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology. Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia.

1984-1990 - General (Medical) Practitioner. Faculty of Physician Preparing. Curative General Practice. Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia.


1993 - "Gold Medal" for graduation from Medical Academy with only excellent grades.


1999 - present. Associate Professor and Director of Hyperbaric Medicine Program. Saba University School of Medicine, Saba, Netherlands-Antilles.

- Taught medical students of 4th and 5th semester of medical education in Internal Medicine, Physical Diagnosis, and Hyperbaric Medicine.

Research work.
- Involved in design and development of several research projects in the field of Hyperbaric Medicine.

- Supervised research work of 6 medical students in fields of Internal Medicine and Oxygenobarotherapy. - Reviewed scientific articles of other investigators.

1996-1998 - Head Physician of the Intensive Care Unit, Teacher of Internal Medicine, Military Field and Emergency Therapy, Clinical Toxicology and Pharmacology; Department (Hospital) of Military Field Therapy,
Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Clinical work.
- Directed a team of 6 Physicians and 15 nurses.
- Treated permanent 8-10 critical patients with different therapeutic problems (cardiology,pulmonology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, liver and kidney diseases), acute poisoning, alcohol and drug overdoses. Conducted extracorporal detoxication sessions (hemosorption).
- Analyzed the work of the Intensive Care Unit and prepared annual report of the Unit.
- Being a specialist in intensive care and clinical toxicology acted as a consulting physician for Academy's clinics.
- Conducted the hyperbaric oxygenation sessions.

Research work.
- Involved in design and development of several research projects at the Departments of Military Field Therapy, Pharmacology, Toxicology and Medical Statistics.
- Supervised research work of 4 undergraduate medical students in fields of internal medicine, toxicology and pharmacology.
- Participated in 5 international and 14 Russian National Scientific Conferences.
- Reviewed scientific articles of other investigators.

- Taught postgraduate students and students of 5th and 6th years of medical education in Internal Medicine, Military Field Therapy, Emergency and Intensive Care, Clinical Toxicology and Pharmacology.
- Conducted clinical practical classes at intensive care unit.
- Wrote in collaboration with others a handbook on rehabilitation of the wounded and sick.

1993-1996 - Physician of the Intensive Care Unit, Department (Hospital) of Military Field Therapy and Department of Pharmacology, Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Clinical work.
- Treated permanent 5-6 critical patients with different therapeutic problems (cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, liver and kidney diseases), acute poisoning, alcohol and drug overdoses. Conducted Extracorporal detoxication sessions (hemosorption).
- Consulted patients with therapeutic problems of other Academy's clinics.

Research work.
- Completed dissertation on the problem of complex treatment of acute poisonings with malathion, dichlorethan and ethylene glycol.
- Involved in development of 3 research projects at the Departments of Military Field Therapy, Pharmacology and Toxicology.


1984-1990 - Medical student, Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia. Being a medical student worked last 2 years as physician assistant at Academy's Naval Therapy Clinic, where permanently was responsible for treating 4-5 therapeutic patients. As a member of multidisciplinary research team worked on several research projects, including dynamics of physical load tolerance in the process of adaptation to the prolonged stay in the conditions of high latitudes and criterions for the differential diagnosis of the neurocirculational dystonia on the base of the cardiovascular system reactions to the physical load.

  • Mechanism of toxicity of organophoshate compounds, chlorine carbohydrates, ethylene glycol and its ethers.
  • General mechanisms of toxic action.
  • Toxicokinetics, pharmacokinetics and its interactions.
  • Oxidative stress, lipid peroxidation, free radical generation by xenobiotics and antioxidant defense system at poisonings and dependencies.
  • Conditions of specific and non-specific resistance of the body at poisonings.
  • Endogenous intoxication at acute poisonings and dependencies.
  • Extracorporal methods of detoxication.
  • Application of new antihypoxic and antioxidant drugs to various poisonings.
  • Pharmacological remedies for acceleration of the restoration processes after severe poisonings and dependencies.
  • New ways of treatment drugs and alcohol abuses.

  • Bonitenko E.U., Kucenko S.A., Bonitenko U.U., Tonkopiy D.V., Aksenov I.V. Alcoholdehydrogenase and toxification of the exogenous poisons. // First Croatian Congress of Toxicology "CROTOX'96"./ 17-19 April, 1996 Zagreb, Croatia - P. 65.
  • Bonitenko U.U, Bonitenko E.U., Tonkopiy D.V., Aksenov I.V. Organophosphate insecticides poisonings - causes of death. // III Nordic Congress of Emergency and Disaster Medicine. / 25-27 June, 1998.- Kuopio, Finland.- Vol. 13, Suppl. 1.
  • Aksenov I.V., Bonitenko E.Y., Vasilev S.A. Role of the acid-base disturbances in the pathogenesis of intoxications with ethylene glycol and its ethers //1 All-Russian Conference of Toxicologists: Actual Problems of Theoretical and Applied Toxicology.-Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 1995.- Vol. 4.- P.2.
  • The whole list contains 52 publications.


Applied Research
- Successfully developed new medications bemetil and ethomersol for acceleration recovery after severe poisonings with malathion, dichlorethan and ethylene glycol, which allowed to reduce the period of treatment and applied this medication in clinical practice at Russian Army.
- Successfully developed in collaboration with others new medications bemetil and ethomersol(mercaptobenzimidazole derivatives) for increasing physical and mental efficiency in extreme conditions.
- On base of pharmacokinetics data gave special recommendations on administration of mercaptobenzimidazole derivatives.

- Elaborated in collaboration with others a new liquid chromatography method for quantitative detecting of mercaptobenzimidazole derivatives in biological material.

Experimental skills
- Experience working with laboratory animals.
- Estimation of physical and mental efficiency of laboratory animals.
- Planning and conduction pharmacological and toxicological experiments.
- Modeling of acute poisoning in experiment.
- Toxicometric assay.
- Pharmacokinetics methods.
- Biochemical methods.
- Estimation of oxidative stress, lipid peroxidation and antioxidant defense system.
- Analysis of specific and non-specific resistance.
- Biomedical statistics.

Clinical skills
- Experience in treatment of critical therapeutic patients.
- Planning and conducting clinical trial (phaseI-IV), developing clinical study protocols, preparation of the final study report documents.
- Estimation of human physical and mental efficiency.
- Analysis of action of a new drug and its side effects.
- Methods of investigation of cardiovascular system (Electrocardiography, Rheocardiography, Dynamocardiography, Systemic hemodynamics analysis).
- Methods of investigation of respiratory system (Pneumotachometry, Spirography)
- Estimation of endogenous intoxication.
- Extracorporal methods of detoxication.
- Artificial ventilation of the lungs.
- Elecrocardiostimulation.

- Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Windows, Works, Internet, Statgraphics.

- Native Russian speaker, fluent in English.

  • Alexander V. Smirnov
    Professor, Doctor of Medical Science, Director of
    Pharmacology Department
    Russian Military Medical Academy
    Lebedeva Street, 6. St. Petersburg, 194175
    Tel: 0117 (812) 542-4397

  • Thomas Stapleton
    Emeritus Professor of Child Health
    DM, FRCP, MD(Syd)hc, FRCPCHhon
    Honorary Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics
    The Foundry Cottage, Lane End,
    High Wycombe, Bucks HP14 3JS
    England, UK

  • Britto P. Nathan, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Biological Sciences
    Eastern Illinois University
    202 Life Science Building
    600 Lincoln Avenue
    Charleston, IL 61920
    Tel: 217 581-6891
    Fax: 217 581-7141
    e-mail: cfbpn@eiu.edu

  • Louis C. Butler, Ph.D.
    Professor, School of Technology
    Lumpkin Colledge of Business and Applied Science
    Eastern Illinois University
    600 Lincoln Avenue
    Charleston, Illinois, 61920-3099
    Tel: 217 581-7086
    Fax: 217 581-6607
    e-mail: cflcb@eiu.edu

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