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199406, Санкт-Петербург, ул.Гаванская, д. 49, корп.2

ISSN 1999-6314

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Vol. 15, Art. 37 (pp. 447-470)    |    2014       

Individual features of blood supply rotted AS-Terrorism FACTOR laterally METASTATIC rectal cancer
Zakharenko A.A. 1, Belyaev M.A1., Ananeva N.I.2, Morozov A.N.1, Statcenko A.A.1

1First St. Petersburg State Medical University named after academician IP-Mika Pavlova
2Meditsinsky diagnostic center "Ramsey Diagnosis"

Brief summary

The angiographic studies on 267 patients of various pathologies without interventions on the pelvis and 83 patients suffering from cancer of the lower and middle rectum were analyzed. The variability branching of the middle rectal artery (MRA) in both groups of patients was proven. The was a relationship between the presence of the MRA and lateral lymph nodes lesion. MRA was visualized only in 34% of cases. Of these, 27.8% had a bilateral arrangement, on the left side - 46.7% and right side - 25.5%. In patients with MRI-defined lateral nodes observed in 75% cas-es, the MRA is located on the side of the affected lateral lymph nodes in 61% of cases. Identify MRA using radiographic techniques can be an important predictor of lateral metastasis in patients with tumors of the lower and middle rectum. And in some cases it can determine the treatment policy.

Key words

rectal cancer, lateral lymph nodes, lateral spread, middle rectal artery, relapse, lateral lymph node dissection

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