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Адрес редакции и реквизиты

199406, Санкт-Петербург, ул.Гаванская, д. 49, корп.2

ISSN 1999-6314

Российская поисковая система

Vol. 10, Art. 12 (pp. 168-187)    |    2009       

Prognostic significance of quality of life assessment in patients with malignant lymhomas
Novitskiy A.V., Sukhonos Y.A., Petlenko C.V.

Medical-Military academy, St-Petersburg

Brief summary

Prognostic significance of quality of life assessments was studied in patients with malignant lymphomas before, during and at the end of chemotherapy treatment. Russian version of questioner 168 WWW.MEDLINE.RU ТОМ10, ОНКОЛОГИЯ, ОКТЯБРЬ 2009 QLQ-30 and was used during all period of treatment. The study included 177 patients. Different factors such as sex, age, disease stage and morphology, performance status were investigated in their influence on quality of life in lymphomas patients.

Key words

quality of life, malignant lymphomas, prognostic factors

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