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2002, N 13

Proceedings of the 4-th Congress of BMLA,
Tartu, Estonia,
August 22-25, 2001

Editor in chief prof. A. Garmus

Vilnius, Lithuania

Editor M. Väli

Tartu, Estonia

Secretary of the issue M. Talumäe

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Order No. 4


The 4th Congress of the Baltic Medico-Legal Association was held in Tartu, Estonia, during August 22-25, 2001. It was the first time the Estonians had the honour to arrange the Congress of the Association.

104 forensic scientists and accompanying persons from 11 countries attended the congress. There were participants from Armenia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Sweden. I would like to thank all participants for attending the meeting and for creating pleasant, free and easy atmosphere.

The Congress was held in the Biomedicum of the Medical Faculty of the Tartu University. During the scientific sessions of Forensic Pathology and Clinical Forensic Medicine, Laboratory Investigations in Forensic Medicine and poster session we heard and saw many interesting lectures and presentations. Most of all presentations were given on the topic of forensic pathology.

The present volume contains 33 scientific papers presented at the 4th Congress.

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the Tartu University Professor Toomas Asser officially opened the Congress. The welcoming addresses on the opening ceremony of the Congress were presented by the President of the Congress Dr Marika Väli, President of the Association Professor Antanas Garmus and the Vice-President of the German Society of Forensic Medicine Professor Volkmar Schneider. Professor Pekka Saukko from the University of Turku gave a short talk about "The Future of Forensic Medicine as a speciality in Europe".

During the days of the Congress the participants and guests visited the History Museum of the Tartu University, had the dinner in the restaurant Atlantis, went to the trip in Tartu and in South-Estonia and had the party of the Estonian national style at the Pühajärve Recreation Resort to introduce Estonia, Tartu and its University, Estonian culture and traditions.

I hope to meet you at the next Congress of BMLA in Saint-Petersburg!

Marika Väli


1. Forensic Pathology

Structural aspects of violent death in Latvia at the end of 20th century. M. Pankova, N. Skidenko, G. Vabels

The pattern of alcohol use among suicidents. A. Värnik, M. Väli, K. Kõlves

Methods of studying suicides in the Leningrad region. A. J. Grinenko, V. O. Yushkovsky, G. I. Zaslavsky, V. L. Popov

Comparison of injuries caused by different pistols at contact range.
D. Lepik, V. Vasiliev

Dynamics of lethal head injuries in Riga in 90-ties. O. Teteris

Myocardium small artery disease as the cause of sudden death.
A. E. Safray

Sudden and violent death structure in Latvia (1999-2000). Z. Lutere, V. Truschus, J. Vamze

The survey on motor transport accidents in Liepāja city and region in comparison to Ventspils city and region. During 1998-2000. E. Striks, D. Kaju, U. Nēliuss

Troponin T - contemporary approach towards diagnosing acute myocardial ischemia. T. A. Dezhinova

Medicolegal problems emerging during evaluation of the origin of a ruptured berry aneurysm. J. Rybalko, L. Visciulyte, N. Jegorova

Studies on suicide among Japanese(1). M. Aihara, H. Aihara

Analyses of murders whit hand guns from 1996 till 2000 in Riga and Riga district. Z. Ganulevics, G. Grauss

Analyses of the cases of asphyxia depending on cause and kind of death in Estonia in 2000. H. Kase, J. Tuusov, M. Väli

Medical and sociological study of death during bathing.
H. Aihara, M. Aihara

Death by electrocution in the bathtub. B. Bockholdt, V. Schneider

2. Clinical Forensic Medicine and Deontology

Aspects of medical ethics in forensic medicine. O. Teteris

Anesthesia lethal complications in dentistry practice. U. Berzins, V. Volksone

Sexual assault patterns - clinical examination of victims in a twenty-five years period. S. H. Hansen, M.-B. Franzmann

Forensic gynaecological examinations in connection with sexual violence. H. Pallo

Examination of sexually abused children in east Denmark 1995-2000. M. B. Franzmann, S. H. Hansen, B. Kringsholm, H. P. Hougen

3. Forensic Toxicology

Drug-related fatalities in Cologne 1989-2000 with special reference to methadone. H. Grass, S. Behnsen, H.-G. Kimont, M. Staak, H. Käferstein

Current situation of drug abuse in Latvia. J. Volgram, T. Khodasevitch

The analysis of fatal and non-fatal intoxications in Latvia (1995-2000). J. Volgram

Acute poisonings by new psychotropic substance Zopiclone. L. Khodasevitch

Gas chromatographic screening for Zopiclone presence in blood and urine. L. Khodasevitch, J. Volgram and J. Rotbergs

Deaths among drug addicts in East Denmark 1992-1999.
B. Kringsholm, A. Steentoft

4. DNA and Serological Investigations

Genetic identification of saliva traced on material evidences.
A. G. Smolyanitsky, A. I. Smolyanitskaja, M. V. Majatskaja, G. I. Zaslavsky

Study of the five AMPFLPs in paternity investigation. G. Chvatovic

Allele frequency distributions of YNZ22 and IG-JH in the Lithuanian population. G. Chvatovic

5. Miscellaneous

Investigations on a grave with 13 unknown bodies in Northern Finland. Deaths caused by an epidemic or a famine? T. Särkioja, J. Putaala, L. Raatiniemi, S. Huumonen, S. Kortelainen, M. Mäkivuoti, J. Hirvonen

Determination of the burial time of skeletal remains.
A. Garmus, R. Bojarun

Investigation of gunshot residues in bullet injuries by atomic absorption spectroscopy. M. Jakubėnienė, R. Sitienė, E.Vaitkevičius

Problems in identification of muscle origin. V. Vassiljev, G. Tasa,
A. Kõiveer

Participaition of a forensic medical expert in inquests. I. Loban, I.Kurganova